Hackney Council

Making an impact for vulnerable households in fuel poverty

Hackney has a number of social housing blocks that have electrically powered heating and hot water systems which are very old and inefficient. More importantly these systems are very expensive to run for tenants in areas where there are high levels of fuel poverty. In addition there are a number of old and unreliable gas fired communal systems that are equally inefficient with high maintenance costs.

Lakehouse has worked with Hackney Council, Hackney Homes, LEEF (London Energy Efficiency Fund) and NEA (National Energy Association) to deliver a programme of externally funded gas communal heating and hot water provision. Key aims and objectives are to tackle fuel poverty, make heating and hot water affordable for all residents, reduce CO2 emissions, make homes warmer and healthier and reduce the long term operations and maintenance burden.

As a result of our partnership with NEA, the national charity which aims to eradicate fuel poverty to help those who are poor and vulnerable, our resident liaison team has been able to provide vulnerable residents with free one-to-one energy efficiency advice and support on using their new installations and reducing their fuel bills. Not only have we provided high quality energy advice to householders but we have improved energy efficiency delivery skills in the industry.

Lakehouse has been responsible for the design, manufacture and installation of packaged heating plant to provide communal heating and hot water to eleven residential blocks. Our work has resulted in over 600 residents securing lower energy bills and affordable warmth.


  • Gas communal heating and hot water provision
  • Sector: Social Housing
  • Service: Sustainable Energy