Corporate Governance

The Company is committed to, and recognises the value and importance of, high standards of corporate governance. UK Corporate Governance Code published in September 2014 (the “Corporate Governance Code”). 

As envisaged by the Corporate Governance Code, the Board has established the following committees: Audit Committee; Nomination Committee and Remuneration Committee each with formally delegated duties and responsibilities and written terms of references. From time to time, separate committees may be set up by the Board to consider specific issues, if the need arises.

Board of directors

Bob Holt OBE, Executive Chairman

Robert Legget, Senior Independent Director

Andrew Harrison, Non-Executive Director

Jeremy Simpson, Chief Financial Officer

Michael McMahon, Chief Operating Officer

Simon Howell, Group Company Secretary

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management team

Nick Ash, Chief Operating Officer, Property Services

John Lewthwaite, Managing Director, Compliance

Dean Ball, Managing Director, Construction

Phil Tidmarsh, Group Commercial Director

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